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The roof on your home is one of the more crucial components. Having roof problems can lead to an array of issues for the house in general. However, knowing what can cause roof damage can help you keep better care of your home and your roof. With a better understanding, you can protect your roof and preserve its longevity. By protecting your roof you are not only keeping you and your family safe, but you are also maintaining the value of your home. Kirby Contracting provides homeowners across Nassau County and beyond with affordable and dependable roof repair. We have years of experience in the field and can fix up your roof if it has been damaged. Our contractors are licensed and insured. We provide roof repair that is both dependable and affordable.

How You Can Damage Your Roof

At Kirby Contracting, we provide an array of roofing services for homes across Long Island, including trusted roof repair. Learn more about how damage to your roof can occur and be prepared.

  • Tree Branches, Limbs & Debris: This is the most common cause of roof damage. However, you can greatly lower the risk of your roof being damaged by any surrounding tree branches by trimming them. Wind, heavy ice or snow, and even decay can lead to a plethora of limbs and branches on your home's roof. Even smaller debris, like leaves, pine needles and pine cones can cause unwanted damage if unattended to for a while. Keep your roof clean of tree branches and debris.
  • Birds and Animals: There are all sorts of animals that can cause damage to your roof, which is primarily dependent upon where you're located and what wildlife is actually around. These animals can range from woodpeckers, squirrels, raccoons, mice, rats, bats and birds. Keep and eye out and inspect your roof when you can to check for signs of wildlife. If went unnoticed, they can cause damage by tearing away shingles and vent covers and eventually find a way into your home.

  • Weather: Wind, snow, hail, ice and even sunshine can cause damage to your home. All can have harmful, long-lasting effects on your roof and compromise its lifespan. These weather conditions can cause shingles to dry our or deteriorate, which subsequently leads to a softening or weakening of the roof.

  • Gutter Problems: Gutter are required to direct water away from the roof and foundation. However, if the house's gutters are not properly installed or they are damaged or clogged, then they can become faulty and hazardous. By gutters not working possibly a buildup of water can occur on the roof, causes parts of it to rot. This can lead to significant damage and soften and weaken the roofing material, which then leads to leaks and water damage.

  • Water Damage: In a nutshell, all the issues before this fall under the umbrella of potential water damage. All the aforementioned issues can lead to conditions that allow for moisture to penetrate the foundation of the home, which can cause many issues. The stability of the home can be compromised, which puts your home at risk. Also, moisture in the home can lead to the growth of mold, which can be harmful or, in some cases, fatal.

When looking at roof repair for your home, it is important to assess the damage. Our trusted contractors will come back and inspect your home to see what sort of work needs to be done.

Roof Repair Estimates

Kirby Contracting has years of experience in the roofing industry. We service homeowners across Nassau County, but we also extend to other parts of Long Island, including Queens and Suffolk County. If you are in need of some sort of roof repair, please contact us today. We can provide you with a free estimate. The number to call to speak to our office is (516) 623-2594. We can provide your roof with a helpful inspection and give you all the information you need about any roof repair options that may be required. We look forward to helping you with any questions or concerns you may have about the state of your roof.