Here at Kirby Contracting Inc., we specialize in all facets of roofing repair and installation. Our residential roofing services include shingle, slate and copper flashing & flat roofing services including EPDM & modified bitumen.

Replacing your roof can be a pretty big undertaking. Choosing the right materials and styles along with making sure that you have a quality contractor can be a daunting task in itself. At Kirby Contracting Inc., we have experienced roofing contractors that look out for your best interests both financially and structurally!

Maintaining your roof is extremely important. Seasonal inspections are pivotal to maintaining structural integrity and ensuring that you get the full lifespan of your roof. Most times, homeowners don't even know that there is something wrong with their roof until there is a huge puddle of water in one of your rooms or the shingles start flying off!

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