Siding Installation

Siding Repair

Dependable Siding Installation

Kirby Contracting has years of experiencing serving homeowners across Long Island. Whether they are in Nassau County, Suffolk County or Queens, we provide dependable siding installation you can trust! If you’re interested in our quality siding services, please contact us today! We can provide you with a free estimate by calling 516-623-2594. We will also answer any questions or concerns you may have about your home's siding.

Kirby Contracting provides a wide array of contracting and home improvement services. Among them is our outstanding siding installation services. Siding is an important part to any home. It’s not only what people see when passing by, it’s also protecting your home from the harsh outside elements, such as

  • rain
  • snow
  • the heat
  • the cold

Your siding needs to withstand it all! Ensure your home looks great and is safe by having the experts at Kirby Contracting work on it.

Not only does Kirby Contracting perform dependable siding installation services to homes across Long Island, we also offer siding repair services that are reliable and affordable. Oftentimes, a broken shingle or some ripped vinyl doesn’t necessarily mean it’s time for new siding. Many times, we can make your damaged siding look brand new after we work on it!  Having your siding installed is one thing, but being able to repair it effectively is quite another. Our siding repair services are second to none and we will work to ensure your siding is keeping your home safe from the elements.

Siding Installation Experience 

There are many things to take into consideration when choosing a siding contractor. Such as, their knowledge of the industry, experience, trustworthiness, reliability and how much they truly care for their customers.

There is no question that the staff at Kirby Contracting takes pride in offering all of the above and strive to satisfy every customer we come in contact with. We have professional siding contractors that will take the time to sit down and review the different materials, styles, costs and preferences that you as the homeowner would like to see. When it comes to siding installation for your home or business, trust Kirby Contracting!